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Body by Biju

“I have worked out many years and have spent time with different trainers for seasons. I have been enjoying training with Biju for many months. He has demonstrated a wealth of knowledge in exercise science and cutting edge training techniques. He will take you where you want to go with regard to your fitness goals. He does so through hard work yet very positive professional guidance. Cathy brings a wealth of knowledge regarding vital nutritional direction and planning . I am working with them with the plan of future bodybuilding competition though they may benefit people with all manner of fitness goals. I give them my highest recommendation.” – David M.

“Known Biju a long time. Asked for his training a long time ago and it was a great experience. Here it is more than ten years later, I am past 60 and decided to make every workout count. Even though I travel Internationally quite frequently Biju and Cathy have provided a plan that works, yields results and has me feeling younger. Biju pushes the right amount for what I can do even with some joint issues etc. Cannot recommend highly enough. For those that want to get serious with changing their body this is the place. I been staying fit most of my life. Not only active but did triathlons in my 50’s. My point being having a trainer is important. Finding the right trainer is very difficult. Biju gets my vote as #1. And I am probably one of his clients that have hired so very many over the years.” – The Morgan Report


“My husband and I love the private personal training, coupled with our very personalized nutrition plans, that Body by Biju’s expertise has brought to our lives. Their professionalism cannot be overstated. Their compassion in meeting you “where you are” and helping you to envision your attainable goals from the very first time you meet is an art form. You feel valued and empowered right out of the gate and the beauty and functionality of their personal gym environment is unmatched. Our bodies were transformed faster than we thought possible and that gave us the confidence and fortitude to keep on it. LOVE the journey with Body by Biju and LOVE them. They are the real deal.” – Jennifer P.


I first found Body By Biju online and saw the great reviews, so I decided to check it out. After the first visit I could see why they have such a proven track record. After a consult with Cathy, she designed a diet plan personally tailored to my needs. My workout sessions with Biju have been great and after a few months I have learned a ton from him. He uses a state of the art gym that feels more personal. His techniques for each exercise are unlike i’ve seen throughout my years of lifting and continue to shock my muscles in different ways each week, which has been great for gains! They have also been extremely accommodating to my schedule, which is always changing. Great people and great experience! I HIGHLY recommend Body By Biju! -Josh L.


Welcome to Body by Biju!

Body by Biju is a professionally managed Private Gym and Fitness Center in Spokane, WA, offering One on One Personal Training and Weightloss Program.

We are the only GYM offering Private Fitness Facility in Spokane

Come and experience our one-on-one personal training focused on your time, with your trainer. We provide celebrity treatment-privacy and teaching of every exercise performed, without a membership.

We don’t just train our clients, we teach them with proper technique and form, in a fun & relaxing environment. This is your opportunity to have your body transformed by our expert personal trainers who have a proven track record of creating strong, healthy, and beautiful bodies.


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“Together in a private setting between you and I, we are going to set and achieve realistic goals so you can achieve a healthier lifestyle!”

Biju has trained with Mr. India in his early teen years, and has been in the bodybuilding and fitness industry for over 33 yrs.


  • We use state of the art nutrition equipment and exercise equipment
  • We offer a wide variety of techniques and education to make exercise fun
  • Injury free, one on one personal attention
  • Professionalism & Compassion




Get The Fitness Results You Want at Body By Biju!



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