3 Month Weight/Fat Loss Plan

3 Month Weight/Fat Loss Plan



Customized Meal Plan

Cardio Tracking Plan

Cutting Edge~Stim Free~Proven Results~ Fat loss Supplements

Weight & Body Fat Checks

Progression Tracking

3 months Progression Pictures 


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Cardio Equipment

~Treadmills, Rower, Elliptical

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This 3 Month plan will make YOU accountable!

We fix your food with a Customized Meal Plan, that is set for the right nutrition you need.

We program a Cardio plan that is based on your stats and what numbers you need to burn to lose body fat and continue to protect your muscle.

Included is 2 Fat Burner Supplements, both stimulant free, to help with your metabolism, and target your stubborn fats.

Cardio Trainer & Nutritionist Included


Terms and Conditions:

***Waiver and 3 month commitment signing

***Private training Not Included





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