Competition Prep

Competition Prep 


  • Customized Depletion Food plan,
  • Consistent Weight & Body fat checks,
  • Private Posing and Progression pictures.

We do all classes and ages

  • Fitness
  • Men’s and Women’s Physique
  • Bikini
  • Figure
  • Classic Physique
  • Body Building
  • Masters classes

Preparation is  12-16 weeks

**(based on the results from initial WT/ BF check)**



So you want to Compete?

Whether you have been training in the gym for years and thought about competing, or watched a friend compete, you have thought of achieving the next level.

There are so many options of classes to compete under, both men and women, young and masters, and there are plenty of competition shows available year round, but how do you figure out the rest?
Food, training, suits, shoes, jewelry, costs etc, where does one start?

Body By BIJU has been bringing competitors on stage since 2007.

We organize and plan every detail, with no stone unturned. Our goal is to make you look like we would want to look on stage, the best shape ever! Saying you want to compete is one thing, bringing your body to an outstanding physique and transformation is another! We take our clients in Phases to ease the body & mind gradually and peaking at the right times. We prove this over and over to you, from the day you begin until the last day and off stage! Our prep is Customized just for YOU!

Your body, your frame, your metabolism, your dream!

Lets make this new goal realistic and achievable together at Body By BIJU!

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Get The Fitness Results You Want at Body By Biju!



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