Customized Food Plan & Pricing

Customized Food Plan

$ 225.00

Learn to eat your foods in a balanced lifestyle.

Weight and Body fat check included

Just like it sounds. Customized or tailored for you only, your goal, your frame, your metabolism.


On a regular basis we hear from our first time clients…

  • “I go to the gym 5-7 days a week and still look the same after a year”
  • “I cant lose/ gain weight and tried everything”
  • “I eat healthy why am I not changing”

Our reply each time

  • Your nutrition is off, not balanced
  • You are not alone, we can fix your issue

The Process is simple:

Make a Consultation appointment!

This consists of checking your weight and your body fat. We will see your fat weight, muscle weight and BMI

Then a form is to be filled out after telling us about you, your day,any allergies, health issues, medications, food choices etc.

We base your customized food plan on 4 categories:

  1. Calories-determined by your goal, your job and activity level
  2. Protein-food source and liquid source (shakes)
  3. Carbs-This number is restricted if weight loss is wanted / needed
  4. Fats-we need them, however good fats are introduced and in a moderate level with rest of these categories

You will need to measure everything on the plan, it is all figured out for you,you just make the food and follow it, same plan everyday. We include a grocery list. It will have options on it as well, let’s face it sometimes food doesn’t sound good or look good especially when the seasons change.

Gain Weight/Mass Plan

Yes, there are Men and Women that need to put on weight, either due to health issues or high metabolism.

The same 4 Categories apply and we just adjust  the plan based on the goal and needs of the individual.

Please Note

Women and Men cannot share the same plan. WHY? Men have a higher testosterone level and that increases muscle mass on it‘s own where women have more estrogen and have to fight to get weight managed, and burn calories. Men burn calories different then women as well. Men think of foods differently. Men want steak, women want salad (Lower testosterone levels is when men have to watch what they eat). Therefore sharing the same plan would put the man in a catabolic (deprived nutrients ) state. Women on average should eat no less than 1200 calories while men on average should eat no less than 1800 calories.


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