Health Consultation

Health Consultation

Weight & Body Fat Testing

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Our Consultation  helps us figure out WHY you are not getting the results you really want and deserve.

We really do listen to what is your situation, and our team is very compassionate and understanding.

Each and every person that walks in our door has a different story, a different goal, and a different life stress that can make a simple goal out of reach without proper help.



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At Body By Biju we use the state of the art, A 100% accurate machine, FUTREX.

The purpose of a body fat analysis is so we can know our clients body better by the reading and then only we can then direct them to better nutrition and their next goal.

Based on the client’s reading, number one thing we look at is the MUSCLE WEIGHT. Protecting your muscle tissue is the engine for your metabolism, and keeping this maintained or improving, means living longer and healthier!

If a person does not know their Muscle Weight, and their body strength gets more fatigued daily, the body goes into a “Catabolic state” meaning deprived nutrients to their muscle tissue.

Futrex’s Exclusive Features

  • Gold Standard Accuracy – Equal to hydrostatic testing and DEXA
  • Measurement via Harmless Light – No AC currents through the body
  • No Disrobing – No need to remove shoes, socks or pantyhose
  • Measure Any Time – e.g. before, during or after a meal
  • Accurate Measurement of Anyone – From ages 5 through 95

The first step is to check the clients weight. We then ask their height, how many days a week in the gym, how intense they train, and how many hours for one training.

All this information, we can do the reading.

After the reading, when seeing all the numbers we then can help the client reach their realistic goal. 


Get The Fitness Results You Want at Body By Biju!



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