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10 Sessions:

$60 per session/5 weeks $600.00 

**2 times per week~Must be completed in 5 weeks

15 Sessions:

$55 per session/7 weeks $825.00 

**2 times per week~Must be completed in 7 weeks


Larger Package Deal:

3 Months:

2 times per week-$50 per session/24 sessions $1,200.00

3 times per week-$50 per session/36 sessions $1,800.00

**Must be completed in 3 months


***Tax will be added upon purchase 

*** All sessions are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

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What is a Specialist?

A person who concentrates primarily on a particular subject or activity; a person highly skilled in a specific and restricted field. A Specialist skill means using proven expert knowledge and best practice to support people. This includes providing support with physical, mental, emotional and social needs.

Biju is a Specialist in Muscle Building and has proven it over his years.

He can take an average person, teach them the fundamentals of exercise and within in just a few weeks he has made the client feel better about themselves, and has improved their prior physical condition. Effective training can be boring, but the consistency and hard work, pays off with a stronger symmetrical physique

 A specialist will educate you..A specialist will tell you what you need to hear…A specialist will give you the advice you need.

 Know the difference between a trainer and a specialist:
A trainer makes a person exercise
A specialist has the knowledge to build muscle



Today people are in a hundred different directions trying to find the perfect workout, making one confused with so much information out there, magazines, internet, and friends.

That is where injuries usually happen, because one does not educate on fitness itself.

In order to develop your body in a symmetry (attractive or a complete physique) it is always in the muscle group routine and consistency.

When training with us your first hour, we analyze your fitness level based on the very first exercise you perform.

Right then we make sure you are performing the correct technique and that is where we start fixing you, every rep, every set.

Training is broken down per workout:

1 Big muscle and 1 Small muscle

First session:

  • Big muscle-Chest
  • Small muscle-Triceps

Second session:

  • Big muscle-Back
  • Small muscle-Biceps

Third session:

  • Big muscle-Legs
  • Small muscle-Shoulders

Then we rotate every week, with proper technique, and isolation so you can develop your own strength, challenging every rep, every set, every workout.

Productive workout=RESULTS!

Whether you exercise in a gym or at home, if you don’t know about your body, you won’t go very far. It’s called “Hitting a Wall”. Meaning nothing changes no matter what you try.

At Body By Biju, just 3 hours a week, transformation happens in as little as 21 days with a balanced diet.

We don’t just train you, we teach you, so you can use this anywhere the rest of your life.


Terms and Conditions

Private Fitness Training..from the start of your First Session

10 sessions-must be completed in 5 weeks.

15 sessions packages-must be completed in 7 weeks.

3 months-must be completed in 3 months.







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