BM…I am a mess and need help

What a shock at 62 years old to be told you will have only 1 lung and 1 kidney remaining after surgery! It told him right there his health is declining, and the doctors got straight to the point! Time to exercise, get your breathing good in your remaining lung, and here is an inhaler to enjoy for breathing. They even said to him, you don’t have many years to live! His first thought was I am unable to do this alone…He found us…

He told his story, and we basically said baby steps and long term, not overnight. He was very upset about his overall health, his weight, and his body shape. Plus, nightly lack of sleep, he didn’t feel good, and his diet is all over the place.
He signed up for 3 months training, and said, “Let’s see what I can accomplish, push me to get better Biju.” 
Training was brutal at first for him until he got his breathing working at a good pace.
Every workout he was having to sit down in between sets and use his inhaler. After about a month into it, we noticed he was not having to sit down as much, and his inhaler he only used starting the workout.
After the second month, he felt encouraged to slowly incorporate cardio. On the weekends he would take hikes with his friends having to use his inhaler on the way up, but as the weeks progressed, he told us one of the friends he was walking with said to him, “ Do you realize we went up the entire trail and you didn’t stop once? “ What a moment that was!
His next doctor appointment, he was told whatever he was doing to keep doing it, as his remaining lung looked even better, and to use the inhaler only when needed now.
Forward 3 years later, he is still training with us and he is so strong. Doctors are very pleased, and he only goes for a yearly check up now. No inhaler necessary, sleeps better than ever, and has a very positive attitude on life.
He never gave up, no matter how hard it was, and he has a new life for it!