Pretty healthy most of his life, then after 50 he saw himself one day in the mirror and thought,  “Wow I am out of shape!” Gut fat, chronic joint pain in the knees, left shoulder, and elbow, non stop digestive issues, and the mood swings were to the point of depression.

This had to stop so he decided to go for Triathlons since he loved swimming, ran pretty decent and bike riding was doable. Excelled in the swimming, in fact one comment was, “ Look at that old gray-haired guy coming out with the youngsters!” He continued doing Triathlons for 4 more years.

Something was still missing. He got a little stronger but was also getting thin, and no shape. Just about to give up, he was going to give it one more shot. He stopped in GNC  to pick up some supplements and met Biju, he knew then he found someone that could help him achieve his goals.

It wasn’t ideas with a new trainer..his body responded in a fast time, and he started to see how this all will be possible with consistent training and eating right. In fact Biju got him mentally prepared to do a bodybuilding competition in the near future. “Age is just a number, listen to everything I say and you will be in the best shape you will ever know.” He did just that, got up on stage looking the best ever and was rewarded trophies and made new long time friendships.

In 2019, he was getting continuous migraines, and constant pounding in his chest, and he always felt like his legs were going to give out. After stress tests at the doctors, they first thought he was having  stroke symptoms, but it was heart attack instead.

 Talk about a wake up call! Is this what my age is going to be like?

Still training with Biju, his focus on what is important to him now is to push himself to accomplish ultimate health. Make every workout count, challenge himself every step of the way, and live longer.

Almost 70 now, his joint pain is gone, has a positive attitude, and fitness is a key component in his life. 

If I am going to go out in my 70’s, at least I will go out strong like a 20 year old, rather than I was in my earlier years with no hope in sight.