How many times have you come across a 79-year-old man willing to transform his physique for the better?
We have all seen people who surrender to the day-to-day struggle called life and embrace the physical decline as a natural process, without ever asking, if we ever did anything to improve our health, our fitness, our life.

~I was just sitting at the front desk one day, and in comes this older gentleman.

He pulled up a chair and sat to the right of me, I said to him, “Hey there can I help you, thinking maybe he needed to use the bathroom lol, or cool off, I wasn’t sure.

He asked, “How much is your training?”I took out our price sheet and showed him.He then asked to meet Biju and that’s was it, he signed up.

79 years old

He began telling us stories of his previous trainers from all the places and jobs he has had, and what he has been doing exercise wise to keep up. His main objective was to get stronger and feel better. He started seeing changes literally in 10 sessions and stayed with us for almost 2 years. Not only did he achieve getting stronger, he was lifting as much as the young guys do! His confidence was so strong that he had a fascination with the fitness competitions and wanted to go on stage.

His body transformed so much, that when we took pictures of him and he was so excited to send to his adult kids, they thought it was Photo Shopped! Lol, nope real deal.

He had a wonderful spirit, a great smile, and we will always be thankful he walked in our door, we miss our dear friend.

RIP 9/13/2021