He was 6 years serving in the U.S. Army, out on a normal training obstacle course with his fellow soldiers, when suddenly he was whipped 18 feet from a rope, landing on his back & shoulders, becoming paralyzed and wheelchair ridden at the young age of 23. All he remembered was hearing the rope crack like a whip, it threw him off, and he woke up three weeks later, and didn’t remember a thing. He spent the next 6 months in the VA hospital healing. He retired medically as an Infantry 2nd LT.


After 18 years, a bone infection started in his right leg, and they had to remove it. And sadly, it happened as well in his left leg and it had to be removed.

Double amputee, so high that he was not able qualify for prosthetic legs.

He was in and out of the VA hospital for almost 3 years and had put on some serious weight. He felt so helpless.

He came to us back when our gym was at home, and he had both legs still. 

Biju would carry him down, train him in his wheelchair, and carry him back up the stairs. Since opening our new gym, all 1 floor, he is able to be very comfortable in his chair and training has made him much stronger to do daily things he was very weak before. Within 6 months training and nutritional guidance, he had more freedom of movement, his muscles started transforming, his upper body strength improved dramatically, he was able to lift himself up with ease to his chair. He started at 220 pounds with us and today is 145 pounds of twisted steel and sex appeal.

 He was always athletic, played football in high school, is an avid snow skier, has his scuba certification, which he has travel to do in Mexico, Philippines, and Lake Coeur d’Alene, a fantastic duck hunter, and plays golf with adapted machines, and modified clubs, making his nerve pain almost disappear. He never complains, challenges all his workouts, and is a true inspiration to us.

His disability does not make life easy for him, but his willpower keeps him strong.

He is one of the most positive people you will ever meet, and helps many achieve what they thought was impossible, especially the local VA soldiers.


Thank you Brent for your service and for being a true hero to us.

 A true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart!