” I want to get rid of my man boobs! “
Softer feeling? Lack of energy? No self confidence?
Welcome to 40+ men or shall we say your ” Mid-life Crisis” !
The average man see symptoms as early as 40 years old. Their body changes hormonal wise and mentally.
Symptoms can include, low energy, depression, joint aches, lack of sexual desire, lack of self confidence.
I believe there are ways that men can take control of this phase..
Instead of feeling alone and embarrassed, they should take the first step making an appointment with their doctor to have their blood work done. The blood work will show the doctor their testosterone level.
If below 300, the doctor will prescribe a synthetic version of testosterone.
If it is higher than 300, it probably still isn’t efficient enough for an “active” man.
A man’s active testosterone level should range between 600-800 per day.
This level can be done naturally with over the counter products.
I suggest they look for products that have Testofen, a safe and testosterone boosting supplement.
Regardless of whichever is decided, the doctor prescription or the natural product, that alone does not fix the issue.
Nutrition needs to be balanced, controlling the calories, carbs, protein and fats, otherwise the ” Man Boobs” & the  “Big Belly” will still exist!
Don’t feel alone or embarrassed..Make your move today!
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