“Empowering our clients”

We have over 35 years of experience to share with our clients

Teaching, motivating and encouraging each and every person we have met

Our “blogs” will consist of everything we have come across over these years and current situations

If with my words I can inspire even just one person each day, 

that would make my life a little bit more worthwhile.”~IREL FM~


Current topics we advise our clients on:

  • Training : From questions commonly asked, tips to motivational words/advice
  • Nutrition-the big one, simple or extreme we can help. There are so many issues today, that we have grown in the process helping more and more people. Whether a client is diabetic, vegan, has gluten issues, over weight, underweight, even holy days and eat differently, we can help!
  • Supplements– That word right there,  it is an addition to Training and Nutrition.

Many issues people have nowadays, everyone is different, age is a big factor on what is needed, young or old, men and woman take different supplements, we advise the correct supplements to take based on the clients situation and tastes

” We Do It All “

Biju and Cathy Varghese

Why we FAIL at our fitness goals?

Chatting with Biju...... We were talking the other day, about how we see people going backwards, injured, or gave up on their current fitness goal.. Our conversation continues.... Why do you think people fail at their fitness goals time after time Biju?              ...

Biju’s advice on Multi Vitamins

I starting working at GNC in 1998, still after 20 years, I believe they are the best nutrition company to date. GNC started in 1935, that itself says something. All their products are tested and MUST pass quality control. When purchasing vitamins make sure they are...


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