I starting working at GNC in 1998, still after 20 years, I believe they are the best nutrition company to date. GNC started in 1935, that itself says something. All their products are tested and MUST pass quality control.

When purchasing vitamins make sure they are USP ( Pharmaceutical Grade).

The advantage of taking a Multi daily, is you are investing in your health, long term.It is quite shocking that day in and day out, I hear that people do not take any vitamin, when it has so many advantages and they are so easy to add to ones day.

Energy, depression, stress, all becomes balanced, and it also helps in Anti-Aging when used consistently.

Just 2 pills a day, tablet form, it is that simple.

Best products are Time-Released, these guarantee to release the vitamins in a extended time.

Below are my suggestions of top vitamins to use, Men and Women’s.

Different people have different needs, so here is a variety to choose from.


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Mega Men

Women’s Ultra Mega

Mega Men Sport 

Women’s Ultra Mega Active

Mega Men 50 Plus

Women’s Ultra Mega 50 Plus

Mega Men Energy & Metabolism

Women’s Ultra Mega Energy & Metabolism


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