Whey Protein is basically derived from milk, during the cheese process, and it is very good source for anyone that is exercising, whether it be weight training, cross fit training, boxing, cardio, etc, it is not gender or age biased.

We all need protein in our bodies to keep our muscles strong.

However, Whey protein is higher in branch chain amino acids (BCAA ) than any other protein. It has been proven as a strong stimulator of our immune system due to its high glutamine content.

If you over work or over train your muscles and have impaired immune system thats where whey protein is advised immediately.

Making Whey protein requires all moisture be removed to form a powder. Make sure you look for one that uses low heat drying process to eliminate moisture, as excess heat will destroy the protein. Also Ion change whey protein, as this keeps the amino acids fully intact in the product.

We recommend Hydrolysed cold pressed, as all the fillers are removed, and it is a pre-digested whey, releasing the aminos faster and digestion process is quicker.

Lactose Intolerant? Good news, there is Lactose free Whey Protein available as well