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We were talking the other day, about how we see people going backwards, injured, or gave up on their current fitness goal..

Our conversation continues….

Why do you think people fail at their fitness goals time after time Biju?                                                         

They make their goal unrealistic!

Everybody seems to want their results overnight, not even learning about their body!

Finding the right path/ direction for your nutrition and training, only then your goal becomes realistic.

Everyone has the courage to start a goal, but if they don’t have the faith in what they are doing and just “wing” it, they are already setting themselves up for failure, as quick as 2 weeks for many!

How does one even know where to begin to look for the right guidance, when there are so many gyms/ trainers?

 Research/ Background/ Experience of the trainer a must first step!

Helpful: Website, Google reviews, 10+ years experience

Any trainer with 10+ years experience means they are a Specialist in the field, enjoy people, and the career choice.

The price/hour/session will be higher, as you are then paying for their knowledge, their experience and their time.

So how does a person even know they are “failing” at their fitness goal?

Look in the mirror

1 month into your new goal, if you don’t see any significant changes, you are going in the wrong direction, if any direction at all

Probably still look the same, wasting money and time and energy.

Along with aging faster, more fatigued, and losing muscle tissue daily.

We have heard this one before!

I have a gym membership, how many days a week do you go? NONE!

If you have a gym membership..GO!

No motivation, no self confidence is the main reasons why people do not continue after buying a membership.

Sometimes it is a mental comes down to how bad do you want to make the changes.

2 times a week or 2 hours a week, is a simple and a huge investment on your health!

Overall, your take on fitness goals are what Biju?

Be smart about YOUR body!

Don’t over do it, it is not over night, everyone needs a rest time as well as gym time.

Fitness goals should be planned out, have effective training and proper nutrition based on that person needs and lifestyle.

 Do your research!

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